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The Best Jersey in FIFA World Cup 2018

Jersey is one of important items for football player. The jersey not only has to be comfortable but also interesting and eye catching to see. How about the jersey for FIFA World Cup 2018? Let’s check the list of the best jersey for FIFA World Cup 2018.

Nigeria's Jersey


Talking about uniqueness on their Jersey, Nigeria might be the best one. Nigeria is using the combination of green, black, and white. The unique part is on the pattern in which the uniform is full of big and black check mark. Definitely, it is a unique design instead of using plain jersey along with green color. Along with Nike and the football federation team logo, the home kit looks simple and outstanding. Actually it is not a totally new design because it is similar to 1994 jersey. This home kit jersey has been released on February 7th 2018. In contrast, Nigeria is wearing a clean jersey for the away kit. It’s just black along with green football federation logo on the left corner and Nike logo on the right. Again, it shows something simple but eye catching and interesting to see. This is the reason why most people agree that Nigeria’s jersey is one of the best uniforms in FIFA World Cup 2018.

Germany's Jersey


Germany jersey becomes the second best on the list. Both the home and away kits are made by Adidas. The inspiration of the uniform is coming from the past jersey design. The jersey is designed along with white as the base color and it is combined with black for the printed design including the federation logo, designer logo, and the number. Black and white model has been used by German national team since 1990 and designed with modern design for fresher and eye catching outlook. This home kit has been released on November 6th 2017. Interestingly, German national team is about to wear a new away kit. The overall design looks retro along with green color as the base. The away kit is also designed by Adidas and it keeps German players easy to recognize. Although it is a new design but Adidas is inspired from the old design from 1990 and 1994. The combination between green and blue is commonly known as EQT green. The uniqueness and the eye catching element makes this jersey considered as the second best uniform in FIFA World Cup 2018.

Japan's Jersey


Amazingly, Japan is also included on the list of the team who wear the best jersey in FIFA World Cup 2018. The jersey is designed by Adidas and has been released on November 6th 2017. The reason why the design becomes one of the best jerseys is because of the deep meaning. Adidas is inspired by Japanese iconic item, Samurai armor. The combination between blue, white, and red represents their national flag along with blue stripes to give specific pattern. The different is on the use small size of national flag on the left above the federation logo. This home kit is also different because it seems that Adidas doesn’t inspire from any classical design. Moreover, Adidas is also designing a new away kit for Japanese players. Adidas takes a contrast color with the home kit in which the players are about to wear a light grey kit without losing the stripes pattern on the middle of the kit as well as white stripes on the shoulder and the national flag. This kit is known as EQT kit and different to the home kit, Adidas is inspired by the old design from 1990. The logo is using red to make it clearly seen.

Peru's Jersey


Peru is also considered as a national team with the best jersey. Different to the references above, Peru’s jersey is designed by Umbro. Umbro is trying to keep the traditional design along with white as the base and red stripes and also gold stripes on the shoulder. The design is known as Sash design and it is quite familiar for Peru national players. Indeed, there will be the Umbro logo and the federation logo. It is a simple design but eye catching enough to see for their home matches. Interestingly, Umbro is using opposite style for the away kit. In specific, the away jersey is using red as the base color along with big white stripe on the chest and gold trim. The design looks bright and simple for away matches. The simplicity seems to make this jersey is included on the list of the best jersey.

Spain's Jersey


Spain is also performed with a great jersey in FIFA World Cup 2018. It seems Adidas doesn’t want to lose the characteristic and use the inspiration from Spain’s classic kit from 1994. Just like their national flag, Spain jersey is designed along with red as the color base and yellow for the ornament. To make it more interesting, Adidas puts blue and yellow diamond graphic on the right side. Due this unique design, the Adidas logo is moved to the center. The graphic and the yellow trim on the shoulders give something different to this home kit. The away kit is even inspired from the older jersey in which it looks like 1980’s jersey. The kit is using light grey and to give significant contrast, Adidas is applying red color for the stripes and logos. There is no graphic pattern on the away kit and it is exchanged with small stripes along the body of the kit.

Russia's jersey


As the first time host, Russia is supported by an interesting jersey. Adidas is trying to create something simple to the player along with white and red color design. This home kit is inspired by 1988 USSR jersey. The red color is used for the based color whereas the white is used for the stripes on the shoulders and the V neck. In contrast with the home kit, Adidas is using white for the based color. Then, it is combined with blue for the ornament including the stripes on the shoulders, neck, and arm. Instead of designing a clean kit just like the home kit, Adidas is using dot as additional pattern.
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